Monday, November 26, 2012

December 5th Event: Virtual Team Building

The ability to bring a group of people together around a common mission is more important and more of a challenge than ever. It is a challenge because people are spread out geographically, and spread thin (asked to wear many hats at a time). Under these conditions, if team members do not have real commitment to the mission, things will inevitably fall through the cracks at the expense of stated goals.

Map Day is a technique for helping teams begin to come together around a mission. When followed with commitment management practices, it has been demonstrated to produce reliable performance to the mission. It typically involves getting the entire team into a room for a day.

Timm and Ray have recently developed a virtual Map Day internet app for teams that cannot get together physically to create their plans. Our intent for this session is to have the participants plan a mock project using the new app.

Please bring your laptop if you have one (we haven't expanded the app to tablet platform yet). If you don't, come anyway and pair up with someone who does. All will be able to see what the manager would see on the big screen.

Timm Esque, CPT is Managing Partner of Ensemble Management Consulting, which has been helping high stakes project teams do what they say they will since 1998. Many projects at Intel and the many companies they influence still use the Map Day technique Timm helped develop as an Intel employee. Timm is a long time, lifetime member and former Board Director of ISPI.

Ray Hudock of GreyWolf Consulting delivers Project Management as-required support services for new/existing projects of all types and sizes. Previously Ray was employed by Intel Corporation for eighteen years as a Construction Project Manager on manufacturing plants around the world. Ray graduated Tau Beta Pi, with a BSME from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. He is a long-standing member of ASME, ASHRAE, NSPE, PMI and is registered as a Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of Arizona.

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