Sunday, January 27, 2013

February 6th Event: Major Failure, Part 2

Michael D. Salazar completes his 2-part series entitled "Major Failure" by focusing on the question why CEOs thwart sustainability and drive their organizations to failure.

In an era of investment bank failures, auto manufacturer bailouts, and the fiscal cliff, buzz words abound. Pundits spout off on sustainability, business culture, ethics, and business alignment. Where does culture start? What does an aligned business look like? In Part 2 of Major Failure, we will enter into a discussion of Organizational Profiles to address these attributes of an organization. More importantly, we will discuss why it is likely that more dysfunction and failure is on the horizon.

Michael Salazar's background is in Total Quality Management. He uses quality and performance management theory to augment his more than 40 years as a manager in a complex industry. His Organizational Profile Models have been used to explain some of the worst disasters in history, as well as predict and correct performance degradations and business alignment problems. Mike is a frequent speaker on the subject of human performance and is known for the energy, simplicity, and humor he brings to the subject. As the Principle at H.O.P.I. Consulting, Mike works with clients around the world to improve human and organizational performance.

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